Strategic Partners Alliance LLC


A real estate development and investment company specializing in the acquisition, development and management of residential and mixed-use projects in the New York Metropolitan area. With over 40 years of combined professional management of residential development projects, Strategic Partners Alliance LLC brings a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, contacts and understanding of the real estate market. Strategic Partners Alliance LLC is targeting some of the best neighborhoods and markets of New York and continue to grow its portfolio and share its vision in developing some of New York finest residential condominium projects. Together with our team of professionals, we thrive to maximize the potential in each of our projects. Strategic Partners Alliance currently focusing on Prime Neighborhoods of Brooklyn with numerous active projects in Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy & Bushwick.



Mr. Issac established Issac and Stern Architects in 1988. Currently President of Issac and Stern, Mr. Issac has designed, managed and supervised a diversity of projects ranging from residential design and renovations, to office buildings, churches, synagogues, restaurants, nightclubs, community centers, and retail establishments.Beyond bringing imagination to his design concepts, Mr. Issac seamlessly merges them with the functional wants and needs of the client. His ability to harmonize the aesthetic with the pragmatic has distinguished him throughout his career, and continues to be the foundation of the firm’s mission as Issac and Stern enters the new millennium.

Blumenfeld & Moore

Interior Design

Blumenfeld and Moore specializes in the design of luxury residences and interior spaces since 1994. The relationship between the individual and his place of residence is considered, at the initial project preparation stage, including the client’s desires and lifestyle, which are expressed in the design of each unique residence.

Halstead Property | The Aguayo Team

Exclusive Sales & Marketing Agent

Halstead Property is a leading sales and marketing firm dedicated to the craft of new development. HPDM partners with celebrated developers, architects, and designers to create superior building and living experiences of the highest caliber. Having represented billions of dollars in sales over the past decade, the team brings considerable skill, insight, and dedication to carving out truly unique properties that benefit residents and developers. HPDM collaborates at every stage of the process, from site analysis to final closing, crafting substance through the team’s ardent attention to the development process. All properties receive additional exposure through the unmatched domestic and international Halstead Property network.

The Aguayo Team at HPDM is the preeminent new development consulting and brokerage team in the industry. Over the past sixteen years the team has consulted on over 350 development projects in New York City. Led by Brendan Aguayo, SVP and Managing Director at HPDM, the team offers guidance on navigating all stages of development; from acquisition, through the pre-development planning, marketing sale or lease-up process. They bring a proven expertise in new development marketing to every project, ensuring targeted communications reach desired audiences. By keeping abreast of constantly changing marketing and demographic trends, the team has gained a reputation for being an essential resource in their clients’ efforts to maximize value, overcome obstacles, establish successful projects and forge new markets.